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Welcome to my personal web cafe

Hi, I’m B, a Xennial who grew up when the internet was young, just as I was. My family bought our first computer in 1997, and I become fascinated with how computers worked, how the web evolved, and being online a bit too much!

I’m originally from New York and currently living in Michigan. My work background is in tech (I was a systems engineer, part time web dev, and now a manager). I would love to find more diverse folks in gaming, tech, music and all things creative. I love to travel, take photos, game on my PC, PS5 and Switch, stream, tweak code and always learning something new. ✨

I’m doing a digital overhaul for the next few months and would like to make this site a digital garden, or in my case, a digital cafe; a personal space to gather projects, what I’m working on, thoughts, and notes. You can read about my projects and click on my social links above. Thanks for visiting! #


A personal photo gallery
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Happy Thanksgiving!
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My Website Setup
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Hi and Welcome to the Cafe
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