A discord community member Kazama Jas posted this Tweet warning people that Discord allows for markdown and evildoers can use it to post links that are hidden. Here’s the original tweet:

Since most people copy/paste a link into Discord and don’t use Markdown to format links, this isn’t something I would have realized. I know that Discord will show you the link when you click on it, but many folks probably ignore that and visit the site anyway. Someone on Twitter responded with a clever Automod rule that works well, so that non-admins cannot Markdown formatted links. Originally posted via Twitter.

  1. Open your server settings and go to Automod near Safety Setup under Moderation.
  2. Click on “Create Block Custom Words” or edit an existing default rule under Content.
  3. Click on the tab “Use regex patterns for advanced matching (optional) and insert the following:


  1. Save and test with a non-admin account by posting a link in markdown.
auto mod markdown links

Hope this helps you and your discord moderation!

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