Yesterday my partner and I met up with our D&D crew. It was awesome since 1) we hadn’t met up in a few months due to scheduling challenges and 2) we had two more friends join our campaign! It was a great time since they were also experienced, so we felt even more comfortable with them there. I still need more practice to get comfortable with improve, but that will come with time.

Today we slept in then went to a local retro video game store that we’ve wanted to check out for a while. We were pleasantly surprised at how much they had in store! He grabbed some great Playstation 1 games and I was happy to find that they sold lots of D&D merch! I bought my first pair of dice and they are beautiful 😍

My first D&D dice set

I also grabbed this adorable Animal Crossing bell plushie – how could anyone resist the cuteness?

Animal Crossing bell plushie

And their store business card is so cleverly reminiscent of Blockbuster Video! If you know, you know. Here’s the back of it since I don’t want to doxx myself πŸ˜…

We plan to visit our local more and more now that we’ve discovered it!

I hope to capture more moments on my blog now that I’ve joined the IndieWeb and want to publish on my own site here then syndicate elsewhere (POSSE). Thanks for reading ⭐

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