I’ve been a fan of RSS since the beginning days of the web. I loved Google Reader (the best RSS reader) and after that Feedly and Inoreader. When Twitter and Instagram came along, I’ve never enjoyed getting news from those sources since they weren’t direct and very fleeting.

Lately I’m trying to use free and/or open source software for as many things as I can, and don’t want to pay for Inoreader any more (even though it has great features, but I don’t use them). I was looking for a self-hosted install since I have free shared hosting and the latest option I found is FreshRSS which seems promising.

It was super easy to install on my shared host with a MySQL database. The biggest feature I’d need is a “reader” mode, where it pull in the entire article rather than just the summary. I’ll check out the list of plugins and see what’s available.

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