There are a bunch of features I’ve enabled via the Indieweb plugin for WordPress.

Some of these plugins allow you to:

  • send and receive comments, likes, reposts, and other kinds of post responses using your own site
  • allow comments on others’ sites to show up as comments on your posts
  • help make IndieWeb comments and mentions look better on your site
  • allow support for webmentions
  • add location support to your posts
  • more easily syndicate your content to other sites to take advantage of network effects and other communities while still owning all of your original content
  • link to syndicated versions of a post so that comments on your content in silos like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram can come back to your original post as comments there
  • set up a MicroPub Server to use other posting interfaces. (You could potentially use services like Instagram, Foursquare, and others to post to your WordPress site.)
  • Use your site to log into other services with IndieAuth

I’m going to test things out and find other Indieweb writers, as well as try to join the Indieweb chat that’s not discord, since I feel the discord bridge isn’t the best. Time to post more content to my own blog and then distribute!

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