I have a huge love for omg.lol sites – so much so that I have 3 URLs now. On one of them I didn’t have much to host since it was a bit redundant from having a homepage and this blog (with 2 different domains). But lately I’ve been filled with nostalgia from the old web 2.0 days (from what I consider 2003 to about 2010ish) and so, am going back to the indie web.

The other day I found 32 Bit Cafe (awesome name πŸ˜†) via Pink Gallica (a lovely blog!) and they are a community of website hobbyists and professionals wanting to make the personal web fruitful again – exactly what I want! They’ve inspired me to start up a retro web page and make it filled with resources similar to sadgrl.online, where I found a great layout designer as a starting point. I could also do this on Neocities, but I might use that for another type of retro-site or project. I promise to keep it old-school looking either way! Chatbox included πŸ’œ

I’m going to list it on Github/Codeberg and keep it open source for others to use as well. I’ll make a new post about that later. Hope you enjoy it!

retro bit screenshot

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