Hitsville, USA

When my parents and brother were in town, we did so much around Detroit and locally! Lots of going out to eat, random little shops, a little bit of gambling 🀫 and tons of walking.

My favorite stop of the week was visiting the birthplace of Motown! I took tons of photos but here are a couple:

I loved that we were able to sing in Studio A where most of the recording where. I loved imaging the superstars going in and out to record their hits 🀯


My brother is a musician so we drove down a few hours to Fort Wayne, IN to visit Sweetwater! I bought a new microphone for my DJ controller and streams 🎀


We also went to a few retro stores and my partner picked up some games for his streams on the Sega Genesis and Dreamcast πŸ˜€ I also unpacked some more stuff that my parents brought over and felt good to build my racing wheel and put away more kitchen appliances and dishes. And we also finally hung up our awesome console illustrations that we bought off Etsy!

I can’t wait for more lovely summer weekends!

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