I go through this cycle every few months – get major FOMO from all mainstream social apps (Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Bluesky) and want to post content there, and then sit back and realize it was all for nothing because I’m not missing *a thing*.

On Mastodon and Discord I love the nerdy/gamer/interest fueled people I surround myself with. They are interesting and creative and not afraid to be themselves. We can have conversations with like-minded (or not like-minded) folks and curate what we want to see. It’s the nerd kids club. We’re trying to bring more people in, but they don’t want to try to figure out instances, or servers, or how to forward old accounts. It’s ok for them not to care and ok for them to want to be in a central popular space. If new folks do end up joining a federated service, let’s welcome them in with open arms and guide when they have questions.

Anyway, for I’ll be chilling here in my nerd bubble just like I did when the web was young in the 2000’s. I’ll let my creativity flow when it calls, but I’m over the popular social media apps (for now). Also, to be clear, I’m not hating on anyone ever for mainly using the big social apps! They are useful for many, especially if you have a brand or business. I definitely know I could have utilized it more for my benefit in the past 🀦🏽

As for my professional space, I’ll keep that seperate, and keep the bare minimum needed for the job at hand. Maybe one day those worlds will merge, so we’ll see!

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