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Hi and Welcome to the Cafe

web blog

Welcome to my attempt at blogging with Hugo, finally, on my own domain and hosted via netlify/github! I’ve attempted to do many things here:

  1. Add webmentions, since ideally that would be the way folks respond or comment to my self hosted blog. I really like the fediverse and the indieweb, so hopefully I’ve installed this correctly. If not I’ll keep trying :D

  2. Added back the webring, and I’d like to set up the Indieweb web ring (first I need to finish some auth specs)

  3. I’d love how to figure out how to import existing blog posts from my, so eventually I can keep everything here. I’m not sure if this is possible, and it’s not a huge deal anyway if I can get everything set up properly. I can restart a blog at any time.

If you enjoy your stay, feel free to subscribe via RSS or follow me on the fediverse!